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"Fantastic! After a few songs, Grace Rodson had half of the venue up and dancing. Such a fab evening!!!" - TripAdvisor

"Not sure how it happened but I ended up at the front of a conga line going around the restaurant getting bigger and bigger. Total madness in a good way." - TripAdvisor

We offer live music with Graciela as the main singer in the following formats:


- Duo

- Trio

- 4 to 11 piece band

- Band & Dancers


There are many possibilities depending on your needs, we can combine 2 dancers with a 5 piece band or 4 dancers with just singer and backing tracks.... the options are multiple. We will always prefer live music rather than having to use backing tracks, needless saying. If Graciela is not available, or if you require more than one singer / a male singer, we will suggest other alternatives. Just tell us what you are looking for.


Our budget turns around your specifications, depending on band members, PA system, transport/distance to venue and further requirements.

We can also add extras such as DJ's, meet & greet variety acts, sound technicians... again, according to your needs.



Graciela is available for session recordings. We can also provide other musicians if required. See some examples of studio work below.

"Stop That Train" - OnU Records


"Latino Girl" - Matt Williams & Bahar Canca - Dr. Kucho Mix (house)

"Suenos" - Suroh



If you are looking to improve your singing technique because you feel tired when you sing, you can't reach the higher notes, you feel a lack of strength,  your pitch is shaky, or you just want to learn how to breathe/talk better, or learn how to sing from scratch, Graciela (and her years of expertise as a singing/music teacher) can help you. Singing is a complete art,  a way of life that requires a certain discipline. If you want to explore the endless possibilities of this fine science, drop us a line, if Graciela is not available we'll recommend someone adequate to your needs.

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"If there is a god, He lives in your vocal cords" - L. Marques