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I come from Galicia, Northwest of Spain. I am based in London, UK, since 2003.


From a very early age I showed an eager interest in music, singing and dancing. I hold a degree in Musical Education Sciences, a diploma in Classical Singing, a PGDip in Jazz Singing and a Level 2 Fitness Instructor diploma. This wouldn't necessarily mean much generally speaking, but for someone as passionate about music as me, it does. I've always followed my heart, and my heart wanted music.


I see music in the body as a universal language in which function comes before form. Styles are not as important for me as the message is. I view music with a syncretic approach, much in the same way I view life in general.


When booking my services as a singer my aim is to ensure I fulfill your needs and requirements, according to the type of event, number of people, venue, number of musicians, "mood", look, etc. I like to have a good communication and plenty of details with the client, so that we make sure we hit the nail and give the guests an unforgettable experience. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will organise the right combination for you.

“Unlike some singers, who float around waiting to be given the solo stage, her voice is a complete instrument. Rodson’s solo was a sensational blast of passion, raw, tender and sublime by turns.” - Matthew Wright, The Arts Desk


“It was my pleasure to see this shining star in concert. She delighted the audience with her enchantment and a velvety voice, precise and romantic, of a rare and impressive sonority. Unforgettable.” - Cristina Bastos, O Regional

"A dynamic vocalist" - The Musician